red owl reviews

Easy Scheduling, Great Looking New Roof

“Could not be happier with my experience. The new roof looks great and it was a pleasure working with Red Owl.”

5 stars

Guille G.
We were rebuilding our house for rent last summer. My wife spoke to several construction workers, but none of them had any reasonable quotes for installing a roof. That’s when I came across Red Owl Roofing. They offered us reliable services for a lot less than any other roofing company in Austin.
Ezequiel G.
Red Owl Roofing saved my life! I was living alone in my parent's place when a sudden accident created a hole through the roof (don’t ask how!). My friend told me to call them, and they responded quicker than I expected. They rebuilt the entire roof within a day’s time. My mom and dad still don’t have a clue.
Paul Y.
Red Owl Roofing has the most diverse set of materials to choose from. They even have a wide range of quotes with different types of designs. What really amazed me was how friendly the workers were. They always talked with a smile and cleaned the entire roof even though it wasn’t part of their job.
Vanessa B.
The last time I called a roofing company, they installed a roof that came down in the living. So, I was pretty skeptical when hiring a new one. But I am glad that I hired the guys from Red Owl Roofing. They installed a durable roof that comes with a 50 year warranty. Red Owl also charged a lot less than most roofing services.
Kelly G.
Last night a raccoon got stuck in our roof. We ended up cracking a part of the roof so that it could get out. Then we called Red Owl Roofing because my friend suggested it. I couldn’t thank him more as they were punctual and had good knowledge about roofing materials. They also cleaned up pretty well.
ava A.
Red Owl Roofing has the most well-behaved staff I have ever hired in my life. They were quick at their job and finished the entire roof at a steady pace. It actually felt like a crime to pay them so less for their efforts. In fact, they have the most reasonably priced quotes in all of Austin.
Bright M.
I am new in Austin as we just moved out last December. A week after our arrival, our house needed a roof replacement. A friendly neighbor told us about Red Owl Roofing, and I’ll forever be grateful to him. The workers were extremely reliable and quickly took care of the roof in a matter of hours.
Jose M.
The main reason I rated this company 5 stars is because of their amicable customer service. The people at Red Owl Roofing have great communication skills, which took me by surprise. They were better at their job than anyone I hired before. Thanks to their policy, I won’t have to worry about changing my roof in the next 50 years.
Samira A.
We recently installed a new roof for our barn house. Out of all the different quotes online, Red Owl Roofing had the most enticing ones. They are certainly the best roofing company in Austin. All of them seemed well educated on different types of roofing techniques. They even gave us some clever advice on how to maintain it.
gokhan M.
I will always thank my granddad for recommending me Red Owl Roofing. We recently used their services to take care of our broken roof. They had some remarkable designs at such a reasonable price. The staff looked like they had a lot of knowledge on roofing and house construction. I would call them again in a heartbeat.
Terrie P.
I used the services of Red Owl Roofing to install a metal roof last week. They offered us good customer service and a wide range of materials to choose from. Most importantly, all their quotes were reasonably priced. Thanks to them, I won’t have to worry about repairing my roof anytime soon.
Hayden S.
A terrible storm caused a pine tree to come crashing on our roof last summer. We were at our wit’s end about what to do with it. That’s when my friend told me about Red Owl Roofing. They came in as soon as we called and fixed the entire roof within the evening. It was fast and efficient.
Jennifer M.
Red Owl Roofing has the most experienced group of roof builders in Austin. They had amazing ideas about modifying the roof on our newly built house. On top of that, they only use materials that come with a fifty year warranty. The staff was extremely professional. They also cleaned up afterward.
Kim B.
Among all the quotes I found online, Red Owl Roofing had the most attractive ones. Thank God I called them. They took care of my broken roof, which barely took a few hours. I even made them install a few solar panels. Now I can sleep in peace with a newly built roof on my head thanks to them.
Frances S.
Last summer we were thinking of renovating our house. That’s when we realized that we had a faulty roof that needed repairs. We immediately consulted with Red Owl Roofing because we were pretty impressed by their quotes. I could tell they had a good amount of experience in the field. Plus, their materials come with a 50 year warranty. What more could I ask for.
Carlos C.
Had a tree branch break off and damage some shingles on our roof. Called around and had a few roofing companies out to quote the job. Red Owl was competitive and also repaired some shoddy work from the previous roofers we'd hired. Showed up on time and completely cleaned up after they were done. Will definitely use again when we need a full roof replacement.
Edgar A.
I needed a full roof replacement for a rental property we have in Austin. We called around and spoke to a number of Austin roofers, got quotes, and decided on Red Owl due to Mark's experience and their 50 year warranty. The roofing crew showed up on time and did an excellent job. The work is immaculate and they were reasonably priced compared to the other roofing companies we received quotes from.
Joshua B.
Red Owl was awesome! Worked with Mark and his crew from beginning to end. Can't say enough good things about these guys! Roof turned out amazing!
Ryan H.
I did a ton of research before picking Red Owl - called five different roofing companies in Austin before deciding on two of them to let bid our project. Red Owl was about the same price as the other roofer, but their quality and knowledge level seemed much higher.We plan on staying living in the same house for a long time, so went with a metal roof. It's more expensive than shingles by a lot, but it looks great, and it's solar ready because of the standing seams, so we got a federal tax rebate.I also have a friend that had a racoon pull up the shingles and make a hole in her roof so it could live in the attic, which is probably as likely Zombies attacking, but it was one more plus in the metal column for me. If you go with shingles, Red Owl has a fifty year materials warranty through Ownes Corning, which most roofers don't do enough volume to get.The long and short of it is that Red Owl did a great job. They kept out of the flower beds, cleaned up after the roof replacement, and had friendly service and good communication. I'd hire them again in a second, but I won't need to.