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When most people think of roofs, the picture they imagine is an angular roof. However, flat roofs are also common across the country. Making the decision between a flat roof and an angular roof depends on many different factors, only one of which is visual impact.

Advantages of Flat Roofing

A flat roof simply means that it is horizontal, with only a minor inclination of ten degrees or less. Roofing experts bind synthetic flashing strips made from asphalt, vinyl, and rubber together on the roof during the fitting process.

One of the main advantages of having a flat roof is accessibility. For most people, climbing on their roof is the most dangerous home maintenance task they have to do. Falling off of a roof can lead to severe injuries such as broken bones, paralysis, or even death. Navigating a flat roof is exponentially safer because it is much harder to fall. If you slip on an angled roof, for example, you are more likely to fall off than if you slip on a flat roof. Being able to easily access your roof is a major advantage because it makes it significantly more convenient to check on the state of your roof.

After a storm, for example, it is advisable to investigate your roof to make sure that it did not suffer any damage. With a flat roof, this is a much easier and less hazardous undertaking. Not only will increased convenience help you stay safe on your roof, but it will also increase the chances that you will check on the state of your roof more frequently, which will ensure that you are always aware of whether it needs repairs or replacing.

Common Problems with Flat Roofing

One of the reasons why people use angular roofs is to protect their roofs from the danger of the elements. If you have a flat roof, it is important to have your roof inspected regularly for a few problems.

Water build-up can be a serious issue for flat roofs. Unlike angular roofs, water may not immediately run off the sides. When people install flat roofs, they use a watertight seal to help protect against water damage. If the coating on your flat roof deteriorates, the watertight seal weakens, increasing the chances of your roof suffering serious water damage.

Water damage can also occur on flat roofs due to clogged drains. Water naturally flows off angular roofs because of their sharp angle. Flat roofs depend more on the drains to make sure water does not pool. A clogged drain will often become overloaded, and the water weight will weaken the roof. Water leaks can also occur if you do not maintain the flashings on your flat roof properly.

Red Owl Roofing has extensive experience installing and repairing flat roofs in the Austin area. Our experts understand the most common issues that occur, and know-how to remedy them quickly and effectively. For more information about flat roofs in Austin, contact Red Owl Roofing.